Friday, 14 March 2008


We know things are bad in Goa when it comes to dope, but this bad? We picked this bit up from Herald's web edition. From the looks of this header, either Goa's chief minister Digu's expecting a consignment of 'crack' in two days (you know what it means don't you? its a crude sort of cocaine) or its the usual mistake made by the Herald's deskies. They need a crack on their heads don't they.
Too many mistakes fellas, too many mistakes.
The place still is in a mess. While the management has managed to stem the tide of employees heading Times of India's way, guys out there are really disgruntled. Some of the reasons we are aware of is that the guys in the lower rung are mighty displeased by the fact that the news editor Sergio and his deputy Joel left these guys high and dry after picking up some increments around the time TOI's entry was expected, but not imminent. Joel too has manged a position which is higher than his earlier position as assistant news editor. Hey any of you guys know, that thanks to his advertising 'service', the edition goes to bed every night, when Joel is on the shift. Time you paid attention to your editorial duties Joel. Remember... editorial duties? Come on, the ones you rarely do man...
The other factor which is much more crucial is the constant meddling by the general manager Manjunath and the Managing Director Raul's PA Michael in the functioning of the editorial.
These guys are running amok. There were reports that Herald had sacked personnel manager Gaonkar the day after Erol Jorge joined the TOI. Gaonkar is a gem of a guy and recent reports suggests that the owners are having a rethink.
Other guys who have bit of thinking to do is the Gomantak Times. GT's relationship the Sakal group may have been consumated a long time back, but April should be the time when they give up the informal live-in arrangement and prepare for the marriage. GT will be Sakal Times (ST) soon. But some guys aren't too happy with the impending ST status. Not this particular Bhatkar Vithaldas Hegde, who cribbed bit about this at a weekly meeting.
The rumbles on The Navhind Times too with a steady stream of guys quitting the newspaper like fleas rushing out from a dying dog. Editor Arun Sinha may need to try and use the services of Dr Silvano Sapeco to figure out an answer this problem.

P.S. The Miguel -- Preetu tete e tete... rather the Miguel -- Preetu rat-a-tat have been published here in this one post...


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