Saturday, 8 March 2008


Hey guys there’s news… former Dempo principal Waman Naik has been indicted by the SS Dempo college’s complaints committee, which upheld charges of sexual harassment against him. But still it'd be great to see Waman’s column "OFF TRACK" (some irony ain't it?) in the Saturday issue. But sure that don’t mean a thing to The Navhind Times right? TNT is to alleged molestors, what Cayman Islands is to money laundering. A safe haven.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waman if has some dignity should stop advising young student as he is morally bankrupt. He should do some samaj seva, like cleanig roads, toilets in schools, etc. so that his paaps are washed away.

8 March 2008 at 02:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He could do the column on sexual health advise too? I'm guessing that he has the experience ans great references!

8 March 2008 at 07:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehehe ....Navhind Times, A Newspaper(Toilet Paper)you can trust(Discard).
Arun Sinha, shed that dirty baggage(of Waman Naik)man, be man enough... you Biharibabu.

8 March 2008 at 12:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The crowd in Panjim prefers the NT over other english dalies.

What's it with Panjimites/Ponjekars?

Perhaps a new TV serial could be started

"Vaman And The City"

9 March 2008 at 01:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well - I HOPE atleast now the great "philanthropist" of Dempo group Srinivas Dempo takes appropriate action of terminating Waman and setting up an example of ethical leadrship. (High hopes i guess - i know, i am expecting tooooo much) may be Mr Dempo will conduct a few more enquiries till one of them acquitts Waman.

9 March 2008 at 02:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word "alleged" is extremely important. In the context of criminal proceedings it means "innocent until proven guilty in the court of law". There is also the "right of appeal". "Appeal exhaustion" has not occured.

By highlighting only one part of the truth, it becomes a half-truth. From half-truth you get a working definition of "lies".
From there flows "detraction" and "liebel".

9 March 2008 at 02:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let the person with no sin cast the first stone on Vaman.

I strongly urge you to.

9 March 2008 at 02:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People do sin, but what Waman did is perjury, crime in the eye of the law and he need to be punished for his actions for abusing a female while occupying the high office. Shame on you Waman...

9 March 2008 at 07:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame Shame Shame on u waman

9 March 2008 at 23:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame on you sexy crazy old guy, shame , take a dip in Mandovi.

9 March 2008 at 23:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick old man, Waman, why do you forget that you have a daughter too? How would you like it if somebody acted 'FRESH' with her? If you are man enough, answer this question Waman! Or else, please get out from the College.

10 March 2008 at 18:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vaman is innocent. Period!

(The courts haven't passed their verdict)

11 March 2008 at 00:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chamcha of Vaman or Vaman himself.

11 March 2008 at 04:56  

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