Monday, 3 March 2008


Looks like its faux pas season... A couple of our readers sent in these bits today.
First, this funny error from the newspaper we love, Herald. Looks like some chappie on the desk out there loves his feni a bit too much. Check this out on the newspaper's web edition. We know it's a great drink, but don't make it so obvious will ya? Chances are that this partiucular sub (dunno, who exactly it was, but perhaps some of you guys could tell) may not clear the Times of India's test for deskies.

PANJIM, MARCH 2 — Any alcohol lover will vouch that there is no drink like like 'feni' which is exclusively produced in Goa for it is known as the land of fenny. And to preserve its propriety rights the State Government in association with Goa Cashew Fenny Distillers & Bottlers Association (GCFDBA) has started the process of obtaining patent for 'fenny
The next ones from the Telegraph, UK. There is a school of thought that newspapers abroad are impeccable. Oh!!! They are so thorough in their research and correct in their reportage! Bull shit. We only quite miss out on their follies. Have you heard of the very recent New York Times story about the supposed tryst of Republican candidate John McCain with a woman named Vicki Iseman while on the campaign trail, which is now being dubbed as a conjob. The Telegraph error we have here is no big deal, when compared to the NYT story but its an error all the same. We dunno if Elvis would enjoy this, but the Telegraph has virtually appointed him as the Director of Tourism of Kerala. The reporter Robin Gauldie must have traipsed up and down the West Coast and must have missed the bells for the balls... Here's the link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goa365 showed a clip of Auda Viegas complaining of how the women commission was not doing justice to Jennifer M.

The commission chairperson was accused by Shirish Naik of trying to bribe him in the cash-for-jobs scam at the behest of Dayanand Narvekar.

I'm surprised that no journo in Goa has made this link!!!!!

3 March 2008 at 16:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The repetition of one word in a Herald report is now subject matter for a prick from your pen...

Tch, Tch; how times have changed. If you have so little to pick on, maybe it's time to pack your blog and finally hit the high road.

5 March 2008 at 13:09  

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