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So is this how a newspaper reacts to a challenge (read story below)? Like some gawky adolescent boy, whose just seen a hunk from out of town, corner the same girl he'd been clumsily trying to seduce for a while. (Herald = teenager; girl = readership in this case, get it?) Herald has started feeling the pressure.
And its showing. And there's still more bad news.
Under pressure, it's begun to behave like its owner Raul Fernandes (Raul = adolescent boy in this case, get it?). That's is not good news.

As far as we can see, not much has changed even as Ashwin completes one month as Herald's editor (his name first appeared on the print-line on Feb 15, although he had been 'getting accustomed' to the paper some time before that). But there's not much to show, which is rather disappointing, considering the reputation he'd come with. Hope the ti
me Ashwin (Gomantak Times and now) spent doing plugs (check out these links) or should we say developmental stories for the TATAs portal hasn't blunted his teeth.

And some of those sad 'spec
ial correspondent' stories Ashwin probably wrote, didn't pass muster either (did you read the one on Valentines day? An anchor written by a Special Correspondent on the occasion of Valentines Day guys!!! That's almost Robin Abreu league) Anyway where were we... Oh ya.... this bizzare stuff. Herald has a really weird story against Times of India's red clothed salesmen peddling subscriptions. Herald's even managed to rope in the generally duh DySP Mohan Naik as their spokesperson and comment against TOI's salesmen... Bad stuff Ashwin... First month's been real bad Ashwin... Kick ass man... don't kiss it.

Beware of Salesmen, Warn police
By Herald Reporter
Police on Saturday cautioned people over the innumerable salesmen visiting their areas enticing them with consumer goods.
Already feeling the pressure over the tenant and the servant verifications after the recent terror threat, these salesmen will add to the burden of the police verification workload.
The Panjim SDPO, DySP, Mohan Naik, has urged the people not to entertain salesmen for their own safety. He said he would ask companies recruiting door-to-door salesmen to verify their antecedents so that people are not put to risk.
Recently, a complaint was lodged at the Panjim Police Station by a city resident stating that for the last 10-15 days some people wearing red T-shirts were moving in the locality in an unauthorized manner.
The complainant stated three of the people had approached his house when his 62-year-old mother was alone at around 11.30 am.
The three knocked on the door non-stop and made my mother open it and once in started convincing her subscribe some thing they were trying to sell, he mentioned.
The complainant said when his mother refused and asked the three to leave the house she was threatened.
After she raised an alarm the three took flight, he added. Naik said residents should be more careful and remain ever watchful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ass(win)! You have to get up from your ass and start really kicking rather than ass(warming).

I agree with Pricks. Why have you packed your ass in a boat. Put your Act together by parking your ass on the editorial chair.

All the Best ASSwin, Don't loss your ass.

8 March 2008 at 14:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please publish this as a short brief in main page.

Agnelo from TNT and Errol from Oh H, took off for a direct flight to TOI.

They say that they are not Humming birds, but eagles. They hover around in the sky and come down with speed like an eagle grab the opportunity.

No looking or going backwards like the Humming Bird.

But Agnelo is not an eagle. He is an OWL. He waits, waits and waits and then pounces when nobody sees him.

Eroll's was not a direct flight. He had a halt in between like a sparrow to eat some grains.

8 March 2008 at 14:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those who have a splinter in their eyes should not dare to point at anothers eye...
or even better
those who live in glass houses should change in the dark
like the pimp that u are....

eh! Maya(bhusan)Ghan is ur milk curdled?

8 March 2008 at 17:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The story about salesmen/saleswomen is excellent.
The public needs to be warned about such characters. They neither carry any photo IDs. nor have their antecedents been verified by the police. What if the product causes harm or in some way does not live up to expectations?

Once again kudos to the reporter for highlighting this story.

I'm one of those less intelligent readers and could not connect your story with the Herald report.

9 March 2008 at 01:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those who live in glass houses should change in the dark

Don't agree with you on that one. Let me illustrate...

(glass house = public knowledge; dark = corruption)

Some politicians change under the scortching sun. Yet when they are caught

A. They conveniently fall sick and seek refuge in the A/c room of the G.M.C..

B. They hire Adv. Satish Maneshinde, Adv. Ram Jethmalani or his daughter.

The outcome after carrying out a prolonged sham trial is nothing (acquittal).

9 March 2008 at 01:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newspapers and television channels, even proper websites are subject to libel laws, and have to show some sense of resposibility when they make anything public.

But you guys have no accountability whatsoever. You're anonynous. So you can say anything you want, with no consequences at all... Cool, isn't it?

Anybody can be 'brave' when there's nothing to lose. If you guys have any guts, put your names to your blog before taking potshots at people you don't like personally.

10 March 2008 at 15:37  

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