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This is big. This is as big as it can get.
Amanda Merritt, sister of Stephen Bennett, another Britisher who was found dead in Roha, Maharashtra has claimed that a Goan editor had told her, that he was instructed by the police not to report on her brother's death.
She has been quoted saying so in a story which was published by the Times UK, as part of the followup in the Scarlett Keeling murder. This is her quote.

Much of what goes on in the “travellers’ paradise” goes unreported. “The editor of a local paper told me that he had been ordered by a police representative not to report on my brother’s case at all,” Merritt says.

So who is this editor? There is a need to figure out who this editor is? These are the slurs and the scars in our profession who needed to be tarred a bit so that readers know which editor is preaching what and the context he's coming from...
(we're thankful to a reader, who brought this to our notice)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's understand this. This comes from the sister of a guy who was murdered. The cops have made arrests in the case and chargesheeted the accused. But she thinks there's sinister mafia's at work here.

She admits that her late brother used to 'smoke the occasional joint'. Tell me, which sister is going to admit that her brother was a dope fiend or drug addict? And then she says, in passing, something about a police official 'ordering' the 'editor' of a local paper not to publish anything about the case.

Now she's an outsider, and I don't know whether she could tell an 'editor' of a paper from its sub-editor or even reporter. Second, we're all journalists, and I think we know that stupid as our cops are, they're not stupid enough to try to 'order' the editor of a newspaper not to publish this, that or the other.

What I find amazing is that you guys are stupid enough to believe something which a Brit newspaper rakes up from the dregs just to create a report, so that it's not behind in the Scarlette Keeling media sweepstakes.

A plain look at it shows that the entire first half of the report is a rehash of the Keeling case, and this 'sensational' little disclosure has been tacked on to the end, probably because the sub editor in charge was not too impressed with its veracity. But you were stupid enough to fall for it hook, line and sinker...

For you guys, this is 'as big as it can get'. I'll wager that for you, anything that falls out of any orifice of a 'Gora' is gold, frankincense, myrrh and pearls.

And now, you're all set to launch a witchhunt for this editor, if he exists at all. Congratulations. For pathos, this time you guys have absolutely outdone yourselves.

10 March 2008 at 16:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Editors are as upright as their management...u guys know that; I need not go into details.

But the fact remains that 27* foreigners (11 of whom are brits) have died in Goa since January 2008!
They aren't like some old people...Young, healthy people die in Goa for no apparent reason. Someone is trying to sweep this truth under the carpet. The truth that murder is for real in our 'paradise'.

(*Source: Today's Herald)

10 March 2008 at 18:38  
Blogger augusto said...

I remember reading about this Bennett case when it was reported and had said to myself at the time - all this is eyewash. And so it turns out to be. As for who is the editor - it could be any of the lot. I don't rate the guts of Goan journalists in general and Goan editors in particular too highly. And that includes penpricks. With regard to the sick Scarlett Keeting murder - we Goans are busy trying to kill our golden goose - tourism. Which may ultimately turn out to be a good thing - for that goose may not be just a goose - but a horse - a Trojan horse that may be destroying us.

10 March 2008 at 20:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

augusto... I agree with you on the Trojan horse bit. No one is willing to even admit, let alone tackle the negatives of tourism.
Examples such as
1. Loud blaring music at odd timings is making the senior suffer, as well as destroying the future of students who have to suffer the consequences of sleep deprivation.

2. High speculative prices of land way beyond that of Goans. (I don't distinguish between a Delhi babu and an European)

3. Drugs like Met., Coke, etc. are destroying the youth. The lure of easy money, deadly consequences.

Tourism is uncontrolled, permissive and currupt.

10 March 2008 at 23:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photograph of Ashwin Tombat on the high sea brought back memories of another such photograph. Raul Fernandes, Gustav Fernandes (then GM) and (Choppy) Francis Rebello were waiting for an opportunity to throw out Maricllius Desouza, who was brought in from Bombay as NE. Maricllius Desouza was doing very well by writing articles and stories and putting the paper together along with the help of the desk. Choppy did not like the way that Maricllius Desouza was operating and was up to his slimy politics. He had filled the ears of Raul and Gustav (who was then close to Raul and his man Friday). Maricllius Desouza had gone on a boat trip to the islands but had not informed Raul along with Ashwin Tombat (then with GT) and Suchita Dalal from ToI Bombay, Ashley DMello from ToI, Panjim and a host of other journalists including Cyril d’Cunha. He called in sick. But Raul got the photographs from Daryl Andrade who was with the NT. He used the excuse to throw Maricllius Desouza out from Herald. This was another of Choppy’s slimy victory. Choppy had then raised the issue that Maricllius Desouza was an ‘outsider’ and that jobs should be ‘reserved’ for Goans. After this Choppy tried to throw much mud on Maricllius Desouza and spoil his name in Goa but to no avail. People still remember Maricllius Desouza’s front Page editorial “Our Darkest Hour” when the Babri Masjid was demolished on December 6, 1992 which was forthright like the man, Maricllius Desouza.
While on the subject, I shall like to clarify that Maricllius Desouza is not an ‘impish weirdo’ even if Pen pricks calls him to be so. Like so many other things, Pen prick got it wrong when it claimed that Maricllius Desouza did an 'eavesdropping interview' which made history, when Maharasthra governor C Subramanium earned the ire of P V Narasimha Rao. Maricllius Desouza was invited to the interview and introduced himself as NE Herald. He even handed over the Governor his business/visiting card. It is another thing that no ‘Goan’ journalists were granted an interview by Maharasthra governor C Subramanium. Guess that rattled all you guys. Not a single ‘Goan’ interview has become ‘history’.
Finally, if I am in journalism today because of Maricllius Desouza who taught me what the profession is all about. How to keep away from slimly creatures like you guys. However, I am writing this to you because I felt that the photograph of Ashwin Tombat should be used against him like it was against Maricllius Desouza. If journalism is all about ‘justice’ Raul should read this post and act accordingly. Or does Raul not have the spine to throw Ashwin out because he is left with little choices and Ashwin has proved to be a true Goan. No work and all play in the last month of him taking over Herald with Choppy and Joel holding the roster. Unfortunately, I have lost contact with him in the last 16 years.
I am one of those joining ToI – sorry none of you guys have got calls from ToI.

11 March 2008 at 00:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last anon... Would u tell me the about pay structure of TOI?

11 March 2008 at 00:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

last anon....Your appointment which will be issued to you if and when you are selected will spell it out for you. Just a hint, it is any day higher that what is available in the Goan market today!!

11 March 2008 at 01:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last anon... you are mighty secretive aren't you.

Well money isn't everything. I plan on leaving it all when the old ticker stops.

But then money is important too. (I'm no communist).

Ok ... maybe I should ask ... how much for editor , subs?

11 March 2008 at 01:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

augusto : I clicked on your name. You have not enabled your profile.

11 March 2008 at 01:47  
Anonymous Rajan P. Parrikar said...

If any journalist wants Amanda Bennett's email to pursue this, drop me an email.

11 March 2008 at 09:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man you talk about money as though you live on love and fresh air. Yes, I am secretive about money and my pay packet. If it was not for money, why do you think Goans would go on ship as cooks and deck hands, including Churchill Alemao. Why do you think so many Goans pump iron and become escorts on cruise liners to old European & American ladies? Why do so many Goans take up jobs in the Gulf and are able to build huge houses in Goa. Why is every pilot (motorbike driver) a pimp and every cab driver can arrange a whore and most girls who work in star hotels along the coast can give you ‘personal’ service. Wake up man. Money is needed. Joining ToI is not about money, we are joining a brand which is the oldest in India in the media. Journalists of Goa will have their eyes pop out when they get to know our complete package. So keep sitting close to the ticker and hearing the clatter. Sorry pal, the ToI does not have place for crabs like you. Amen.

11 March 2008 at 20:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the I am one of those joining ToI – sorry none of you guys have got calls from ToI blogger.

I wonder what kind of a slob you are to sneer at others just because you have got a call from ToI. A call from Times is no indication that the newspaper will always acknowledge your superiority.Sooner or later your performance either on the desk or the field will be monitored closely.Then, they will separate the wheat from the chaff, sooner than you think my friend. When you do find yourself on the streets,remember to stoop low and kiss your rear. Youll be sorry ToI gave you a call.

12 March 2008 at 01:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shall be sorry later on but you are sorry now. Cry Cry baby. Can lend you a towel. Sob sob.........why can you not see the progress of a fellow Goan in Goa!?!!

12 March 2008 at 02:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This editor looks like the chap who has the least circulation among the English newspapers in Goa.Because this man is involved in using his reporters to work out some deals.

12 March 2008 at 20:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon at 12 March 2008 01:29

Well said!

13 March 2008 at 01:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This refers to Anonymous No: 5, the fan of Marcillus DeSouza (I always thought it was Marcellus) who is soooooo proud that (s)he is joining the ToI.

(S)he writes such bad English, that if (s)he is a reporter, I pity the desk. And if (s)he's on the desk, I pity the readers.

13 March 2008 at 10:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anon at 11 March 2008 20:57 who says "the ToI does not have place for crabs like you." and a lots more.

Here are some questions for you to ponder and respond.

Why did the IAS officer's spouse steal the beautiful antique spiral carved wooden staircase form the Adil Shah Palace, under the garb of modernisation? (The spouse was an antiques trader. Perhaps it is now in some hotel)
Why were all the top admistrative posts given to english speaking persons (deputationists), post liberation?
Why did the deputationists introduce corruption to Goa?
Why is it that all houses in Goa had no grills up until 1962?
Why were murders rare?

Why were 2 truck loads of meticulously maintained land records and maps thrown into the Mandovi river?(Ask Eduardo Faleiro for more information on this question, for he had opposed it)
Why do liberation fighters' children get benefits and criminals' children don't get imprisonment? (i.e. you inherit biological material from your father as well as his fame and/or criminal legacy... Talk about double standards!)

What is this "crab" you talk about?
If you put live river crabs in a bucket they try to get out. I have netted crabs many times and have never noticed behaviour which you seem to insinuate. One crab never prevents another from escaping. I suspect you have never caught a live river crab in your entire life leave alone breaking their pincers!

You say "Wake up man". Do you believe that everyone with the exception of you is asleep?

Wealth my dear is finite. Your wallet is large, but don't forget the persons who have no food, no clothes, no shelter.(If the cap suits you. In case you can't find anyone, perhaps looking beyond your nose will help.)

13 March 2008 at 17:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon at 12 March 2008 02:46

"progress"? What's that?

Oooooooo! You're so advanced. (hehehe) You think that generations that came before you were in some ways inferior.

Do you think that, say 200 years from now the people will call you "advanced" or "progressed"? Huh?

14 March 2008 at 00:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Post No 17 - I have only to say this. The seminary lost a good candidate in you. Bless You. The Church is still on a look out for the perfect priest. I think you fit the bill. After all you remember when 'grills came on windows' and 'who robbed Adil Shah Palace' and 'that 2 truck loads of meticulously maintained land records and maps thrown into the Mandovi river'. It will be enlightening to hear your semons of a bygone era.
Agreed that you caught crabs, but I think you are behaving worst them those caught and put in a bucket. You are like a large frog in a small well. The sky does look white, froggy.

14 March 2008 at 07:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To: "large frog in a small well" blogger

Large swollen headed egoistic journo frog in a small TOI well.(If the cap suits) Talking, without saying anything. Skirting the questions asked. Sermonising on the irrelevant and vague tangents.

But you still haven't answered what precisely you mean by "Crab".

Just answer the above question (wo)man!

Bygone era? perhaps you forget that "He who forgets history is condemned to repeat it" (On a slight tangent... You did learn history of bygone eras in school, didn't you?)
Looking for answers to questions posed in previous post and not rant.

14 March 2008 at 23:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not need to explain myself. If you are a Goan you do know the meaning of "crab" mentality. You are exposing more than you can hide pal!!!!

15 March 2008 at 00:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 13 March 2008 10:28

I agree with you. That bloke seems to be living in misplaced awe and ecstasy of his/her employer.

His/her fantasy world will come to an end when it collides with reality. Till such time we just have to wait.

15 March 2008 at 00:04  

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