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Do any of your guys know of any cure for this? The Navhind Publications Pvt Ltd is going through a bad spell of editorial dysentery.
About a dozen have quit the Navhind Publications within the last month. Their names... Joaquim Fernandes (TNT), Kishor Kubal (Navprabha), Ramdas Volvoikar (TNT), Salil Keshkamat (TNT), Rajtilak Naik (TNT), Agnelo Pereira (TNT). Agnelo Fernandes and Somnath Maitri (both TNT) received their offer letters today and chances are, that these ducklings are willing to flap their wings.
This is perhaps the first time that journos who've often considered TNT as their final pit stop have started thinking on different lines. Earlier, you could rarely see married guys switching from a permanent deal to a contract arrangement, the way this chap like Ramdas Volvoikar has opted for. Times are sure changing fast. Hey and what's this thing in the air about Arun Sinha being replaced/booted upwards and a new guy coming in? Any of you chaps have some dope?
So how would TNT react to these losses?
Dunno man... The editor claims that they have been trying to spruce up some local coverage. Pssst, they have been trying to do that for a few thousand years now. Legend has it, that when Parshuram 'created' Goa, the Navhind Times carried a single column about it a couple of weeks late and that too on page 4.
And what about Navprabha, The Navhind Times' step sister?
They've lost two genuine sloggers like Ganesh Javdekar and Kishor Kubal in a matter if months.
Its editor Suresh Walve's tantrums are well known. He is presently left with two reporters, one of whom he can't see eye to eye, in form of the ever incisive Sanjeev Verenkar and Baban Bhagat. On the verge of retirement, a few well timed tears had managed to stretch him an extension. BTW Navhind Publications had put out an ad in newspapers in Maharashtra Times and Lok Satta seeking chaps to edit Navprabha. No talent in Goa, is there Srinivas bab?
While on the migration issue, after playing 'contract ping-pong' Herald's Erol Jorge has finally joined TOI. Herald has managed to retain it's flock with its chief reporter Vijay De Souza, Julian Dcosta and Guilherme Almeida only pecking TOI on the cheek before coming back home. Melvyn Mesquita also stays back in the Herald with his "EK KE SAATH 24 FREE" edge. What it means is that Melvyn always travels with his brood of 24 correspondents. You get him, you get the 24 chaps with him. Its a network he has built along the years.
You chaps know about anyone else hopping ships?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing's for sure, Agnelo Pereira isn't going to hop on to the comments section of this blog. Atleast not under his own name.

Think he's learnt his lesson after he was booted out of the Herald. His angry responses were a direct result of the instigations, inciting and cajoling, indulged by various anonymous writers.

Agnelo sure has learnt his lesson, about responding to the faceless and the nameless, of the cyber realm.

9 March 2008 at 02:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least we can expect to read the full on-line PDF file of TOI-Goa, just like TOI-Mumbai and other cities when it does hit the stands and the net.

9 March 2008 at 07:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Ramnath Raikar(TNT)? What's the latest on him?

10 March 2008 at 15:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was good to know that NAVHIND TIMES' Joaquim Fernandes, Ramdas Volvoikar, Salil Keshkamat, Agnelo Fernandes and Somnath Maitri have joined THE TIMES OF INDIA. Having worked with them earlier I can vouch for their sincerity, honesty. Above all, after so many years in journalism they all have a clean image which augurs well for TOI.
I think with their exit, Navhind Times will have a tough time. Their desk has weakened and I think it will be a cakewalk for TOI as far as competition is concerned. With the talks going around that TOI has crossed the 30,000 subsricption mark, Navhind Times is already on the way of exit. No matter what the Dempos do to solve this problem, I think it's too late to counter TOI challenge.
By the way is there any news of Ramnath pai Raiker?

11 March 2008 at 14:41  

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