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Hey guys… this is Herald’s edit on Aug 23 on the Adnan Patrawala murder. Robin sure practices what he preaches… Here’s Herald’s advice to the Bombay cops after Adnan was murder after being lured on Orkut.
“The authorities should start some mechanism where certain sites under suspicion should be monitored.”
That’s exactly what the Herald bosses did when folks tuned in to Herald disconnected the internet connection from all computer terminals barring a couple. One reserved for plagiarising and the other for Melvyn.

Murder most foul
The incident of a Mumbai teenager 16 year old Adnan Patrawala. Adnan who was kidnapped by his friends and then strangled to death after being promised to meet a shady acquaintance he had struck up friendship on the internet once again brings to fore the need to regulate and police the ether waves. There have been instances of people meeting strangers on websites for marriage and then being constantly harassed. The authorities should start some mechanism where certain sites under suspicion should be monitored. In the west it is done for child pornography but this murder and this site Orkut should be checked as it has been misused more than once. And this time it led to murder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Orkut website has been given a clean chit. The police is interrogating his friends.

This is very similar to the Mandar Surlakar case in Goa. It's about a year later that this case has happened.

Robin has a point though. Maybe a mouse with fingerprint recognition could be made mandatory.
Or iris scanning. But the sheer volume of users stretches any system.

But there is different angle to this story. How was a 16 year old driving a car? When underage riders meet with accidents in Goa, the owner of the vehicle is never punished. Parents also tend to brag a little... see my kid...He/she's so young...very smart. What they are telling you is see they are my kids... That means I am smart too!!

These underage riders not only endanger their own lives but also kill/maim innocent road users. Vehicle owners have to be punished. Send them to jail for a day.

25 August 2007 at 02:27  

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