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A reader sent us this... But the guy who sent this had better brush up on the present. Ashley is now with The Gomantak Times as Deputy news editor, while Agnelo has joined The Navhind Times in Margao. -- Penpricks

There have been reports and talks about Herald growing. A few months back on the front page of Herald a report appeared in single column “Herald is Growing”. I thought that the size of Herald or the number of pages is increasing. After going through the item I just went… Oh my God it’s the Herald Business not the publication which is growing. That too in cane furniture. Oh la la.
What struck my mind first at that time was, if Herald was diversifying into cane and wood furniture business, was the deputy chief reporter Ashley sent to Canacona to source raw material in the jungles there?
And guess what guy, it looked like Herald’s further diversifying into vegetable and fruit vending business some days back, when we got the clue from the Herald that this Agnelo guy was transferred to Belgaum (that’s where half of Goa greens and fruits are sourced from). Agnelo was apparently told he was being transferred. The worst part was the chap thought he was being transferred to Philippines.
Grapevine says it that Agnel was in a very celebrating mood and in fact he had packed his bag and renewed his passport and was ready to head for Philippines. But alas. Ashley was transferred in a very similar manner to Canacona and was assigned to do reporting about the decrease in the number of Bisons in Canacona. It may be because Ashley is a Science Graduate he could have better understood the life history about Bisons mating in the Canacona jungles.
But instead of Bisons fighting in the wild it was the publisher of Herald Mr. Bir who was polishing his martial art skills by getting himself enrolled at a city Karate School to take on Ashley. He must have thought that Ashley after visiting the Canacona jungles might go wild like the Bisons.
Penpricks will be surprised that Agnel was transferred to Belgaum. A guy who overhead the Personal Manager Shri Vijay Gaonkar telling Agnel that his transfer in Belgaum might bring him good luck in his personal life just like his boss Raul getting a break in the Philippines after his nightmares in Goa.
So with Robin with a non-stop plagiarizing trail, Ashley with his scientific research on the Canacona Bison mating research and Agnel in his vegetable and meat business, and the owner Raul setting shop with saw and varnish, Herald really seemed set on a diversifying spree
So, it really looks like that Herald is GROWING, EXPANDING, and DIVERSIFYING!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To add to what the reader said... They have diversified into a dance hall/garden in the mangrove forests ... barely 150 meters from KTC Panaji...

Infact it was built from Maundy Thursday right through no not for some auspicious reason... but mainly because government machinery comes to a grinding halt except of course for serious crimes.

26 August 2007 at 02:43  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

You are bang on there... Think there was a case filed against Raul too... but the matter was hushed up then

26 August 2007 at 12:58  

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