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We’ve tried hard you know. Scoured the internet for this bit. But everywhere we checked and the only significant event that happened in Indian history in the year 1957 was India’s acquisition of Kashmir. But then we checked The Navhind Times again… There it is… They can’t be wrong you know. It has the reputation of being Goa’s official gazette, doesn’t it? Check out this guys… According to The Navhind Times India’s first war of independence happened in 1957… Its not just a typo guys… They say it twice… Can you beat that? So our first war for independence happened after a divided India’s war with Pakistan in 1947. Hats off to these guys… Journalism it would appear is not just literature in a hurry, but history rewritten in haste too. Check these excerpts...

BJP programmes to commemorate first war of independence
NT Staff Reporter
Panaji, Aug 25 The state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party will undertake several programmes during the year, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the India’s first war of independence, in 1957, with the programmes forming a part of a related nationwide event of the party.
The spokesperson of the local unit of the BJP, Mr Govind Parvatkar, addressing a press conference, yesterday morning said that the war of 1857 (hey... they've actually got it right here), launched by the Indian soldiers in the British army was wrongly described as the mutiny and furthermore, the school text books provided incomplete information about it.
These programmes which would include Prabhat Pheri (early morning processions), cycle processions, ‘mashaal’ processions, drawing competitions, essay competitions, elocution contests, fancy dress contests and pamphlet distribution, would continue till May 10, 2008, in different parts of Goa and inform people about the events in 1957, as well as arouse patriotic feelings, Mr Parvatkar said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you seen the mistake in the front page of Navhind dated saturday aug 25 wherein in the heading Speaker rules out videography of disqualification proceedings. In the strapline the spelling of `permission' is printed as `premission'.
The newspaper you can trust to make `mistakes'!

26 August 2007 at 19:00  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon 1: Hey would it possible for you to scan it and mail it to us? If you can manage it i.e. that'd be gr8... but thanks for the input

26 August 2007 at 19:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some freedom (liberation) fighters in Goa, woke up after 40 years to stake their claim for benefits.

Incredibly the government acceded to their request.

I wonder, if there are some more dormant fighters, somewhere in the woodwork.

26 August 2007 at 20:51  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

well said

28 August 2007 at 17:03  

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