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Tell you what guys... some folk just don't realise this... When you talk too much, you finally run out of words. Rather, words run away from you.
The inevitable finally caught up with Juino De Souza, the bearded activist, columnist from Porvorim who sprung up on the scene in Porvorim about a decade ago and has never left newsprint since. Some almost mistook him for a long hidden malnurished twin of Dr Sushrut Martin who also hails from the foothills of Porvorim.
A prolific columnist in the recent times and a high profile secretary of the Porvorim Residents Welfare Association (PRWA), Juino has stitched together this article -- which was published on the Christmas day issue of The Navhind Times -- with the skill of a darner. Four articles have been worked open and Juino has lifted and masked a few lines from each article to stitch this Christmas suit for the readers of The Navhind Times... Right here, we have Juino's article... The lines in bold are the plagiarised parts.

Make Christmas a celebration of peace
by Juino De Souza
And the angels said unto them, fear not, for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy. For unto you is born this day, in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angels a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men" (Luke 2:8-14, KJV).
7 Jesus, has come into our world like a brilliant sunrise, changing darkness into light, bringing healing love and peace into our lives.7
1 The beautiful thing about Christmas is that it is a wonderful reminder of the fact that God loved us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth to be the light of the world to show us the way out of evil's darkness to God. He made that way possible by becoming a man, so he could pay the penalty of mankind's sin - death on the cross - and thereby grant mankind the forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life. Such is the power of Christmas and the good news of God's salvation for a lost world. 1
During the past few weeks, there has been a battle raging against the SEZs and the IT Park. We are threatened by outside influx, growing economic inequality and environmental catastrophe. The issue has attracted much of public, political and press attention and there have been mass public meetings, demonstrations and show-downs all over the state. The crusade has seen the creation of numerous NGOs, youth groups, social and political outfits; each trying to outsmart the other. Where are we heading?
We cannot allow the situation to flare up and get out of hand. We will not tolerate human right abuses and acts of violence. 3There is no reason why the Goan should fight his fellow Goan.3 The dignity of life must be respected and there is need for building a massive movement for peace and goodwill. There is also need for introspection, whether our political, social and economic beliefs are reflective of our true and correct actions.
4 It is our right to protect the land of our ancestors as sons of the soil. However we have to do away with our negative thinking and crab mentality. We must learn to drive out hatred, rivalry and jealousy. 2 Too often we try to hide the ugly side of conflict, fearing that the truth will shake our resolve for violent retaliation and this is a tragic mistake. It is by speaking the truth that we can earn trust. 2 We have to 4 learn to settle our petty squabbles amicably 4.
5 We as a society that is moving forward, cannot afford to be caught lagging behind and we must pursue new challenges.5
Peace begins with those who are peaceful and then spreads to neighbours, friends and society as a whole. As a state, we must gain the confidence and trust of all peace-making groups from all sides of the conflict. We must start a dialogue with those with whom we may not feel comfortable, and with those with a different perspective and belief. We must talk to and listen to every side of the conflict and try to understand the 'other sides' point of view.
6 Talking, listening and understanding are not signs of weakness, they are natural human resources for resolving conflict.6 When both sides are listening, opportunities for peace often reveal themselves. Understanding and listening does not mean 'agreement,' and talking must take place at all levels, not merely among the leaders, as there are many leaders in positions of power who are opposed to taking a step forward towards peace. When people feel listened to, they are more likely to lower their defences, and listen to those whom they fear and despise.
As we welcome Jesus, our Savior, let us make this Christmas a celebration of peace. Let us light a candle as a sign of guiding light and sing in our heart a Christmas song for love and peace in Goa.
A Merry Christmas from me to you!

Now please find below -- in finer fonts -- the articles and their links from where Juino stole a lot of the text from...
The Light of Christmas
1 The beautiful thing about Christmas is that it is a wonderful reminder of the fact that God loved us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth to be the light of the world to show us the way out of evil's darkness to God. He made that way possible by becoming a man so he could pay the penalty of mankind's sin—death on the cross—and thereby grant mankind the forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life. Such is the power of Christmas and the good news of God's salvation for a lost world. 1
You can receive God's gift of forgiveness and eternal life by admitting that you are a sinner, by confessing your sins to God, by thanking Jesus Christ for dying in your place, and by inviting him to come into your heart and life as personal Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ is God's Christmas love gift to you and me. Have you received his gift? If you would like help to do this, click on the God's Invitation button link below.
We Must Observe, Monitor and Report what is actually happening on the ground. Secrecy is an ally of War and an enemy of Peace. 2 Too often our own Nation hides the ugly side of War, fearing that the truth will shake our resolve for violent retaliation. This is a tragic mistake. Only by witnessing and speaking the truth can we earn the trust necessary for peace. 2
All of us must monitor the human rights abuses, and acts of violence committed against all sides in the conflict and report what we see to to a worldwide network of friends, concerned people, synagogues, churches and mosques. Observation and reporting is key to awakening the conscious of voters, politicians, and supporters on all sides. Peace Keeper Arthur Gish, in his book Hebron Journal, calls this “The Grandmother Effect”. “There are things no one will do if their grandmother, or anyone else is watching. ”Many leaders in positions of Power forcefully oppose this important step toward Peace. They tell us that: “We will not negotiate with Terrorists”, or that “We will not turn our backs on our allies” or that “We will not talk with them until they recognise us”.
This approach wrongly confuses being human with being weak. 6Talking, listening, and understanding are not signs of weakness; they are natural human resources for resolving conflict. 6
As Peace Makers, we must insist that our leaders begin talking with and listening to all sides of the conflict. This simple step often requires training, focus, and determination. It also requires leadership.
Konkani Identity Of A True Goan?
Goa seems to get caught up in one controversy after the other that keeps raging, we have had the VCD on freedom struggle, Konkani V/s Marathi language issue, the opinion poll, Mopa Airport and now the battle between Konkani v/s Konkani is over its script. Prima facie the confusion created over the script seems to be a ploy by politicians to strike the sensitive nerve by whipping up passions and arousing sentiments for vote bank politics well before the ensuing assembly elections. The controversy is also due to vested interest
promoters of the konkani language who are making every attempt to exert pressure on Government to secure large funds for financing their own konkani Academies, Mandals, Kendra's, Parishads and which is why the issue has suddenly erupted and is taking an ugly turn. No doubt Konkani (with devnagiri script) has been included in the eight schedule of our constitution having an official language status that has enabled us maintain our identity, but the moot question is whether it would be worthwhile for one official language to have two different scripts incorporated at this stage through an amendment in the Goa, Daman and Diu official language act, 1987 and whether it will need the approval of the Central Government / Parliament and would it not expose our own divisive misdeeds is a matter that needs introspection and contemplation. The saying goes that one has to strike when the iron is hot, why were the Roman script protagonist sleeping over the issue and why was no action was taken to correct the anomaly since last nineteen years? Konkani in the Devnagiri script was accepted as the official state language of Goa since 1987 on the assumption that the learner already has knowledge of that script which is common to Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, and Sanskrit, besides the Government of India (Department Of Hindi) had brought out a book and cassette for the purpose of learning Konkani through Hindi and vice-versa. Our school and college students are taught Konkani through the Devnagiri and have by now become familiar and acquainted with this commonly accepted script, therefore making a loud noise now for equal status will only aggravate the situation and cause further confusion without serving any purpose. We are all aware that the Roman script is very popular and widely used among the catholic community in their correspondence and has the backing of the church as religious services are conducted in Konkani using this script and it is
rather surprising that our powerful catholic politicians and ministers have failed to address this burning issue for equal recognition on the floor of the legislative assembly all these past years and such a situation would never have arisen. Although 4 it is our right to protect our mother -tongue being sons of the soil, we have to do away with negative thinking and crab mentality and learn to settle our petty squabbles and iron out the creases amicably 4 for the common good of Goa. 5 Can we as a society that is moving forward, afford to remain mired in prejudices of the language of the people?5 A language and its script cannot be forced on the people and it should be left open for the Goan to choose the script he prefers and any interference or involvement with the language controversy by government, political parties, individual politicians and other interested parties may turn the tables and have a reverse effect, which may not be able to correct itself. The Government must refrain for taking sides and should distance itself completely from the language issue, there should be a total stop to funding and financing any organization or group that thrives under the garb of promoting the language its art and culture which should be left entirely to the lovers of the language devoid of political and government interference.
Today the scene is all together different. We are still struggling for a good quality of education, freedom from corruption and other related freedoms that are being denied and it is imperative for government to stress on how to prepare the Goan to take up new challenges on strength of self rather then the strength of language. We have a cosmopolitan populace in Goa who speak different languages. The outside influx is growing and controlling Goa and we goans are heavily dependent on them. Be it the fishermen at the Betim jetty, the barber, podeiro (baker/bread man), carpenters, masons, labourers, waiters and motorcycle pilots, are also outsiders doing roaring business. The outsiders have become sarpanchas and municipal counselors and very soon may even contest the assembly elections and become ministers, most white collared jobs in the
private sector are filled with these hardworking outsiders who have built fortunes, married our pretty goan girls and made Goa their homes. Our NRI's have become rich and famous, these Goans are educated to the hilt and are proud to communicate in konkani to preserve the Goan identity. Goa has a rich cultural heritage, ethos, tradition and most of all the Goan spirit of unity in diversity, the inseparable bond of
harmony that exists between Hindus and Catholics for hundreds of years, the unconditional love a goan has for his fellow Goan. Why are we then looking for a diversion through the language issue to destroy the peace of Goa? 3There is no reason why the Goan should fight with his own fellow Goan.3 Let us concentrate and capitalize on the positive side of peaceful co-existence that will strengthen the future of our children and our people instead wasting our productive time, energy and money
creating divisions in the name of konkani. It is high time that we bury the language issue once and for all and divert our energy towards preserving our sweet and versatile Konkani.
Respond to God's Word

7 Jesus, our Savior, has come into our world like a brilliant sunrise, changing darkness into light, bringing healing love and peace into our lives. 7

Tuesday, 25 December 2007


Here's another example of advertising spurred journalism. Remember we told you told to look out for the dicey Cortalim dateline in the Herald? Here's another example of how petty advertising interests, mar journalistic sanctity. And how rot at the top of an organisation, emboldens individuals in the same workplace into doing stuff, they otherwise may not have indulged in.
We have reproduced scanned images of a king sized ad
and a news report filed by Alvarro Colaco, Herald's Cortalim correspondent. What has been filed by Mr Colaco here is called a 'plug' in media parlance. A mere look at the news report is enough arrive at this conclusion. Colaco's report is about a certain V P K Urban Co-operative credit society and a lot of hogwash about the good things that Alvarro's pet minister from Cortalim, Mauvin Godhino had to say about the organisation.
But what makes this simple enough plug take on a controversial sheen is the presence of this huge ad which was released by the V P K Urban co-operative credit society in the Herald simultaneously. See the small oblong black circle we've marked at the bottom of the ad... The circle we've marked encircles the words 'DIGITAL ADVTG'...
Now these two words should clear the mystery for you folk.

DIGITAL ADVERTISING is a firm is run by Joel Afonso (or probably 'run' by his wife... much in the same way Rabri 'ran' Bihar for Laloo), who's the deputy news editor in the Herald. A pretty senior guy in the hierarchy.
The mofussil advertising scene is not unlike the big-boy advertising sort. The guy who can give you the best value (in terms of positioning and a 'write-up' in the newspaper to go along with the ad) for your money usually gets the ad.
The question we are going to ask here is
as deputy news editor, has Joel used his clout to push the plug through Alvarro to ensure that he gets the ad for his firm DIGITAL ADVTG? Who has cleared Alvarro's plug?
This is not the first time, that Herald's pages have been used as a bucket to harvest the bread crumbs. But you really cannot much expect much from a news organisation which has had no qualms in selling editorials for money in the recent past...

Guys, if you are convinced with what we’ve written out here, do call these guys in the Herald and speak your mind to them. At least place your protest on record. Let these guys know that they are being watched. Or you could also call them, if you want to listen to their side of the story... here are some useful numbers...
Raul Fernandes: Owner and editor-in-chief 09822100188
Robin Abreu: Editor Herald 09822122325 and 0832-2433373 (direct line)
Herald board numbers: 0832-2224202/2228083/

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You guys must have read this story right?
published it some months ago…
This was the story on which CNN-IBN built most of its 'investigation' around. This was also the story which first started the ‘THE RUSSIANS ARE COM
ING’ psychosis…
Outlook's Russia story (check the link) 'Molotov on the Mandovi' claims that Russians had been investing into real estate in Goa through the FDI route.
Excerpts from OUTLOOK
-- Intelligence feedback is that the Russian mafia is buying land to set up base for running its arms and drugs tr
-- The mafia is buying huge tracts of land in Goa, Delh
i, Maharashtra through benami companies
-- There are fears that the Russian pockets of influence could serve as safe havens for international criminals and terrorists. They have justified their claims using the Pramod Walke – True Axiz example… All fine up to here… This is fine as far as journalism is concerned. But the issue we wish to raise is
something else altogether… Outlook, when it quotes excerpts from a National Security Council Report, may make sense when it says that Russians are bribing their way in to Goa and buying land to create vital pockets of interests.
Land… that’s what these guys are after… Isn’t this was Outlook is saying?
But then LAND in Goa is also what the Raheja’s are after?Wanna see how? For those readers who aren’t aware of this fact… Outlook Publihsing Pvt Ltd, which owns the Outlook family of magazines is owned by Rajan Raheja (the guy with a tilak on the forehead) whose known business interests in retail, real estate, tele communication Rajan Raheja was ranked 32 in the richest guys in India by the Forbes magazine. Rajan Raheja is a cousin (and not an estranged one) to Ravi Raheja of the K Raheja corp (chairman C L Raheja, the elderly chap in the picture) which have chosen the ‘legal’, but controversial and highly suspect SEZ (Special Economic Zone) route in Goa. If its coastal land that interests the Russians, the Raheja’s are eyeing prime property in Verna. The Raheja’s are eyeing 149 hectares of land in Goa through the SEZs. Sure Outlook will not carry a story on the SEZ controversy in Verna and the rest of Goa… would they? Perhaps we could look at SPUTNIK doing that then…

Friday, 21 December 2007


Did any of you guys pick this faux pas up? A reader sent in this scanned image a few days back.
These kind of things happen when the night shift just drags and drags on… There’s no relief in sight. All you are thinking of is getting into bed. And there’s the scary prospect of a cold ride home…
But Gomantak Times allowed a small official dispatch to slip its way into one of its late November editions. The only real issue we have with it is that this was a page 1 lead, if we think right? One sees such goof ups in the local pages or some of those inside pages which you cursorily glance through. Wonder how this one happened?
Ashley boy, you and your chief subs ought to keep your eyes open man… or else try some of that same urine therapy bit, you guys peddled to your readers… and hope it works.

*Atishbaazi = fire works display

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Hey guys... did you notice Choppy's back in office.
He was involved in some sort of a fight near his home in Saligao, where he received a whack and broke a few bones about his body.
Hey don't misunderstand us, broken bones wasn't a reason for Choppy alias Francis Ribiero's (also Herald's sports editor) absence in office. Choppy really doesn't need a reason to be bunking work at Herald. He's the one guy who just disappears from work for months on end and it just doesn't irk anyone.
Anyway, Chops is on crutches and is dropped to and from work by the new sub from the sports section Aurio, who we guess also lives nearabouts Saligao. This deal works out fine. Except on Aurio's off day, which also turns out to be Choppy's off day too.

Sunday, 16 December 2007


MORE FOLIAGE IN CHURCHILL'S FAMILY TREE: Before we start this post guys, just so that you know, the chap on the right in this pic is Savio Alemao, son for former MP and current cabinet minister Churchill Alemao. This photo was published prominently in the Herald a few days back... of course along with several advertisements wishing him a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
This isn't news guys...
This is the worst form of advertising Goan newspapers indulge in.
Its the easy way out. And often the best way if you are the owner's kin and the advertising bigwig in a newspaper set up, with no one to question these completely unethical and journalism squelching practices.
Savio (not the Savio in the birthday picture, but the bearded guy on the right... see just next to this line... This other Savio we are talking about now is the advertising chief in the Herald and close kin to Herald's managing director Raul Fernandes)... stop doing this will you man...

What news sense does it make to have this photo in your newspaper? Sure you got the money in your coffer, but do you really realise how much of a fool you are making yourself... Savio Alemao is no big shakes... He is just a commercial pilot for godsake and from this pic, it looks like a family celebration, man. Do you realise Savio, that you reducing the Herald to a joke.
Get off your ass and sweat some on the field man and do some real marketing. Stop this shit bud.
Guys, you know how this pic found its way in the newspaper? Goa's crassest political fixer Burman (do read up this link) pushed it in return for the ads Herald received congratulating Churchill's son.
So Savio work man... slog some man... And next time when some journo goes for an interview with some biggie, make sure you don't tag along like you do most times... and ask the interviewee for an ad the moment the interview's over... You know who asks for money that quick, once the job's over, don't you?

Guys, if you are convinced with what we’ve written out here, do call the guys responsible in the Herald and speak your mind to them. Ask them why this ad was published in the first place. Place your protest on record. Or you could also call them, if you want to listen to their side of the story... here are some useful numbers...
Raul Fernandes: Owner and editor-in-chief 09822100188
Robin Abreu: Editor Herald 09822122325 and 0832-2433373 (direct line)
Herald board numbers: 0832-2224202/2228083/

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The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming
Director: Norman Jewison
Writers: Nathaniel Benchley (novel)William Rose (screenplay)

When a Soviet submarine captain comes up for a look at America (off the coast of a small island in Massachusetts) he runs aground. He sends his two English speaking crewmen to procure a boat with enough power to pull them off. The 2 English speakers, along with 7 other Russian sailors, don't exactly blend in and the town is convinced that they are being invaded. (courtesy IMDB)

If print journalism is literature in a hurry, then TV journalism’s a woman of lesser virtue, hopping from bed to bed, trying to warm as many of em as she can, before sun up.
This small story we've done here, is dedicated to all those one-street towns and two-town states, which have had to suffer from the marauding excesses foisted on em, by these big-town TV cowboys who storm in riding from the capital, ‘chasing’ a story once in a while.

And by the time they’ve made ‘sense’ of the story and gotten under it’s ‘skin’ and ‘nailed’ the conclusion, you’d do well to observe that these fat-assed punks, haven’t even gotten their butt off the saddles even once.
Now that we’ve done the sermonin bit, let’s get to business.
There are times guys, when news doesn’t look 'beautiful' and FACT simply isn’t ‘enough’ to be put on the table for supper. It is around times like these, that newsmen start getting ideas. And in the quest to make a small, but factually correct story ‘grand’ and of ‘mammoth’ proportions, journos botox it with an ounce of fiction and a few pounds of that Sagarika Ghose kind of make-up.
And where do these new age journos seek inspiration from… Books? No... journalists today have nothing much to do with books. They look to films to spice things up.
And we believe that is what exactly happened with CNN-IBN Russian-‘mafia’-in-Goa investigation, that was broadcast sometime before the state assembly elections here.
Instead of sticking to facts, the investigation team perhaps 'fell' for how the story would sound later, whenever they recalled their moments of glory… ‘Russian mafia’… oh yes… it does have that twang. T
hat’s just the kind of spice you are looking out for. A fancy phrase to pitch your story to your commissioning editors.
There are just about so many holes in this story, that Rajdeep surely won’t have any trouble finding one to sink his head in, if at all he figures this con out.
First allow us a premise…
Fact: Politicians have received kickbacks for land deals in Goa
Fact: Babush Monserrate is no babe in the woods and his role as Town and Country Planning department minister is shady and sickening to say in the least.
Fact: Land grabbing by non-Goans (read foreign nationals and non Goans included) and is a major issue in Goa.
However, the 'facts' which have been ‘exposed’ by the CNN-IBN investigation (you guys can corroborate it using these links) are grossly off the mark in some cases and in one instance a complete lie)

Impact: Goa govt probes land mafia
Goa leader's pals: Russian mafia
Russian mafia usurps Goa land
This is what the CNN-IBN claims are the main findings in their story.

  • The Russian mafia is buying up copious amounts of land in Goa. They claim they have proof to prove the same.
  • CNN-IBN claims they caught Town and Country Planning minister Atanasio Monserratte alias Babush Monserrate on camera taking a bribe for a land conversion deal.

Guys, the evidence we have to prove this story wrong, is no earth-shattering scrap of paper, which we 'dug out' after six months of toil. Neither is it a product of an undercover operation that we launched earlier or some bullshit like that.
The information we are putting up now is available with every accredited journalist in Goa. It’s no confidential document. This piece of information was tabled in the House during the last assembly session. It’s a starred Legislative Assembly Question (LAQ) tabled by an opposition MLA Ramrao Dessai from Curcorem, which was answered by the government on July 17, 2006.
Dessai in his question has asked the minister for Revenue for the number of cases that have been received by the government in which foreign nationals have purchased land in Goa…
If any of you guys need this document, you could obtain a copy from the Goa legislature wing. We have uploaded a scanned image of LAQ in question. There are about two dozen sheets of annexure giving details of these land deals. You'd find your answer there.

According to this document, do you know how many pricks from the dreaded Russian ‘mafia’ have brought land in Goa? Well out of the 482 cases where foreigners have picked up land in Goa, only two cases involve Russians. Two guys… a mighty big mafia operation ain’t it? Well, if two heads can make a Russian mafia, three heads could make the Russian infantry na?
And to top it all guys, you know what the CNN-IBN investigation team have missed?
Contrast this bit of info.
While there were two chappies from Russia who’ve bought land in Goa, there are 311 Britishers who’ve done the same in a similar timespan. Imagine guys, while CNN-IBN went sniffing up the wrong tree with the Russian land mafia bit, there were actually 311 Brits who’ve brought land in Goa within the same timespan. Now, that's fishy isn't it?

And the mighty investigation team missed this! Pooh…
And about the part where CNN-IBN claims they have Babush on tape, guys read this post which we’d filed sometime back… This is a lie.
The entire investigation was based on two factors one of which was a documentary trail, which the channel claimed was enough to convince them about the existence of a Russian land mafia. This documentary trail was one case? One case... that was enough for them to arrive at a conclusion that there’s a Russian land mafia? You guys should come to Café Prakash and hear the conspiracy theories there… you could even get a lead to a land mafia operating Mars at Café Prakash… Secondly, Babush was never caught on tape taking a kickback. The channel lies when it says this. Unless they have him on camera and they haven’t shown the bit… now that would mean something else altogether.

Guys we are going to put out another bit on this Russian mafia scare in a few days… Maybe Monday or Tuesday next week… It’s a small observation we’ve to make on a similar story which was carried as a cover in Outlook some time back called ‘Molotov on the Mandovi’… if you guys have the patience do look it up next week… if you think this is cock-and-bull stuff you could ignore this request…

Monday, 10 December 2007


Hi guys... the story we promised will be posted on Tuesday night... Till then... see ya

Sunday, 9 December 2007


It happened again guys. Herald owner Raul Fernandes is 'down'. It's his 'menscrewal' system acting up again guys. You see, once in a way Raul suffers from these physiological upheavals every few years, when he goes about doing the 'bloodletting'. More often than not, for reasons that have zilch to do with journalism and more to with what his wive/girl-friend/mom/politician friends whisper into his ear. The bit we hear is that the editor Robin Abreu has fallen out of favour with Raul. For the last few days, Robin has not been handling the Herald Cable News channel (have you guys noticed, it's called Herald Cable News World now, we'll tell you why soon). HCN is now completely under the control of the fresh flock of Filipinos. This present flock has 9 odd Filipino folk and also includes Raul's girl friend.... Looks like things are going the Deadrie way again. Will this guy never learn? Robin has been relegated to a one page wonder now. This is classic Herald stuff... Remember the time when the editor Rajan's writ was strictly limited to the editorial column and his edits used to be carried only when they were scrutinised by Raul's pet subordinates? The phrase 'Sultanat Shah Alam az Dilli ta Palam' pretty describes Robin's fate aptly now.
Only, the Shah Alam at least had a harem, Robin poor chappie has to make to with the Herald instead.
Robin's editorials are now being vetted by deputy news editor Joel and news editor Sergio, who obviously are not doing a very good job, cause we'll be posting another of Robin's plagiarised editorials which seems to have slipped by them. Then there's more... Have you guys been following the Cortalim dateline. In Melvyn's absence (Melvyn's the guy who handles, or rather is supposed to handle/nurture mofussil correspondents) the Cortalim dateline has been pushing copies which we think require a second look. Alvarro Colaco, who files from this dateline is a politically savvy guy and his copies need careful scrutiny. Here we told you earlier about the plagiarised editorial Robin filed recently... Look at this, you'll figure things out... This time's he's lifted more than half his editorial from a story that appeared on The text in bold is the plagiarised stuff.
When National Security Advisor, M K Narayanan raised the concern that the terror targeted at India could be funded by playing the stock markets at the 43rd Conference on Security Policy in Munich in February, very few people believed him. But, it is a different matter when the Finance Minister P Chidambaram, openly states in Parliament that the Government is probing one possible case of investment in share markets, suspected to be funded by the terror organisations. Shockingly, this is the first time the government has made a public admittance to suspected terror funding in stocks. During the 1980’s when the Khalistan movement, the hawala route was frequently used to transmit money to and fro India to raise funds for the terrorists. But, when the Bombay Stock Exchange is used then it is a different matter and also something to worry about. FM ADMITS TO TERROR TRAIL IN THE STOCK MARKET New Delhi: Terror targetted at India could be funded by playing the stock markets, is something that has been suspected for some time now, what with National Security Advisor, M K Narayanan raising the concern at the 43rd Conference on Security Policy in Munich in February this year.
This time, it's straight from the Finance Minister's mouth, who says that the Governmen is probing one possible case of investment in share markets, which is suspected to be funded by terror organisations.
Finance Minister P Chidambaram, speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, said investigations were on at the moment.
"Recently one case has been noticed. We suspect it could be linked to terror," Chidambaram said in Parliament.

This is the first time the government has made a public admittance to suspected terror funding in stocks.
Earlier, former National Security advisor M K Narayanan, had said at the 43rd Conference on Security Policy in Munich in February that terrorist groups were raising funds by manipulating stock exchanges.
Narayanan had not given any specific names at that time, though he had mentioned reports of isolated incidents of terrorist outfits manipulating stock markets to raise funds for their operations. At that time, Chidambaram had responded to Narayanan's concerns by asking SEBI, RBI and other agencies to keep a close watch on such illegal activities.

Friday, 7 December 2007


Guys, we ought to have mentioned this a while back. But after a week’s absence Dr Vaman Naik’s career column is back in The Navhind Times. But is that really surprising?
We fall back on our usual argument…
A newspaper, which has no qualms carrying editorials written by Arun Sinha -- who’s still facing molestation charges for abusing a minor maid working in his house, a career column by a principal accused of sexual harassment is really no big deal na…
There’s more guys… there are still questions being raised as to why SS Dempo college is not following up the sexual harassment charges as per the Vishakha guidelines on sexual harassment issued by the Supreme Court.
For guys not familiar with this story and the backdrop, here’s a note.

Some months back, Dr Vaman Naik principal of the SS Dempo college of commerce was accused by a lecturer of sexual harassment (read more here). Now the college and the newspaper for which Vaman writes a career column, The Navhind Times is part of the Dempo business empire. The Dempos own a large share of the mining industry in the state and are a part of the high-rollers syndicate, which virtually runs Goa.

And judging by the way things are going around here, it does appear that these mining biggies, who go about abusing the Earth wantonly, wouldn’t brook stopping at anything… molestation, sexual harassment… bah… They know the ‘drill’…


Goa Doot photographer Sushant Naik met his end a couple of days back, after a speeding vehicle knocked him down at Altinho, Panaji in the dead of the night.
The lanky Sushant was knocked off his scooter and died of severe head injuries. But we really do not know if it was necessary for the Herald to fit this line in their report

‘They said the front portion of Naik’s head was split after the impact.’

Sushant learnt the ropes of photography in The Navhind Times where his father Sunil, also a photographer, used to get his photos published. Despite his intent, Sushant could never really graduate into a good photographer and was stuck into the ‘look-there’s-a-broken-transformer’ or ‘hey-there’s-a-flagstone-missing-in-the-pavement’ genre. We ran a small piece on him some time back…

Perhaps he would have worked on it. He was 25… He had time on his hand, until it got knocked out of his palm and slipped onto the tar, where he lay sprawled in the cold night.


Hey guys… What sense does it make to have a beer station at a film festival? As sponsors, Kingfisher had a free booze counter for journos who could produce this Kingfisher pass to the media lounge? A lot of our journos has a field day… It was like… even guys who generally have thali-peeth for lunch walked down to the IFFI venue for their afternoon pint…
If ever there was anything that shamelessly pandered to a 'Goa' stereotype, this was it.
We pretty much liked the way Goa Union of Journalists president Sunita handled this whole thing. Her tantrum ensured that the outlet was shut down. But Sunita... phew once she starts talking, even if you can bring the beer to her, but you cant bring her to bear.

Thursday, 6 December 2007


Hi guys, around Monday next week or a day later, Penpricks is going to bust a major investigative story which was telecast on CNN-IBN recently. The reason why we are pissed off with this story is the way it was packaged. The factually incorrect story has been given the kind of cosmetic re-jigging, that would be enough to give both Bhupendra Chaubey and Sagarika Ghosh (both CNN-IBN anchors) an inferiority complex. The channel actually owes folk an apology for broadcasting a story with misleading facts.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Is this really an editorial? Is this really really an editorial in one of Goa's leading newspapers? This is one of the recent editorials which appeared in the Herald recently. How does this stuff slip through? Yuck... its awful... Robin get yourself a dictionary man... or ask Melvyn to download the wordweb software on your computer... But knowing Melvyn he must have done that already... So use it... pls use it man... Also buy yourself a packet of alphabet soup man...

Monday, 3 December 2007


Guys hi, Gomantak Times editor Derek Almeida stopped by on the other side of the road today and shouted across to us 'anonymous pimps lounging in the dark alley', telling us that he had written to the Sakal Group's Editorial Director about the plagiarised editorial and has promised action following our story.
These are his words.

Dear No Name No Face,
The link of your blog has been sent to Director (Editorial) of Sakal Group in Pune. I am deeply embarrassed by what has happened and promise that something will be done about it.

We must say that it was a very mature response by Derek and that we appreciate it. We only hope some responsibility is fixed and the guy who was responsible for plagiarising the editorial is penalised for his action.
We've also received a lot of mail guys in response to this story guys. A good lot of criticism and appraisal which we really love and we've put it up here. But perhaps the craziest allegation that came in yet is one that claims that the blog is run by Derek himself and his two deputies Ashley Rosario and Paul Fernandes, cause the newspaper they work for has been criticised the least... or so it seems.. And you should see the f....s, b.....s, very innovatively used c....s and imaginative adaptations of m.....s peppered with these conspiracy theories. We allowed ourselves a bit of fun at their cost.

Saturday, 1 December 2007


A con... what else would you expect when you paste a Richard Nixon quote on top of your editorial slot.
Gomantak Times is the latest Goan media outfit to plagiarise editorials. The scanned editorial which we have uploaded out here was published on November 10. It deals with global warming and has been plagiarised from an article written by Sergei Gulobchikov for RIA Novosti, a Russian news agency. We have reproduced the piece for you below so that you can figure it out yourself.
You see guys, Herald had been plagiarising with remarkable precision until we persistently called its bluff. But Herald still is an amateurish outfit run by a ham-headed editor in Robin Abreu and a hare-brained owner in Raul Fernandes. But now this seeming endemic has mutated and has found home in not only a larger newspaper, but also one that claims to have proper work-systems in place.
We need to take into account here that Gomantak Times is not a tin-shed outfit. It's a part of the strong Sakal network and is a trans-state media group (post publishing correction, we had earlier used the phrase 'trans-state newspaper) with editions in Maharasthra too. Its scale of operations is vast and not limited to one state alone like the Herald.
We wonder who finally wrote the editorial. If it was an editorial on local issues, we could have pinned down the resident editor Derek Almeida. But there is also a possibility that this particular editorial has been dispatched from the headquarters for all the other editions to pick up. But all in all, some chick has laid a bad egg. And we've caught it in the act. Now its up to Derek (who's also the publisher). He can either cull the chicken or have the egg, funny side up.

* Footloose is the title of a weekly column run by the GT editor

Global warming: horror fiction or real challenge?
MOSCOW. (Sergei Golubchikov for RIA Novosti) - Natural calamities are getting ever more frequent. Many scientists and political activists blame them on industry. The World Bank calls every nation to donate 1% of its gross domestic product to fight global warming.
Green activism brought Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize. But are the environmental alarmists right?
Environmental phobias go hand in hand with technological civilization. Anxiety over climate change is carried too far, to my mind. Anxiety easily turns to panic, forcing the world into hasty, and possibly wrong, steps. The Kyoto Protocol, for instance, was ratified even before the link between global warming and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere had been proved. Signatories to Kyoto pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emission by a collective average of 5% below 1990 levels by 2012.
But is the gas so bad? It is no poison, and plants need it as much as we humans need our daily bread. At present it makes up a mere 0.037% of the atmosphere. Greater concentrations cause plant life to flourish-especially forests, the greatest absorbers of greenhouse gases.
If the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere were suddenly stopped, the earth's plant life would consume that remaining in a matter of 8-11 years. After that they would curl up and die. Every living thing on earth would be doomed with them. As it is, volcanic eruptions and other calamities emit enough of the gas to stimulate plant growth and so increase the amount of air oxygen. Marine life is the richest of all, and as such the sea is on a par with the great continental forests as an absorber of greenhouse gases. As 95% of the world's carbon dioxide is dissolved in saline water, global warming makes the sea the principal source of emissions, leaving industry far behind.
To my mind, international agreements should instead seek to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, carbonic and nitric oxides, benzpyrene, soot, heavy metals and other toxic substances responsible for causing cancer and mutations. These are, in fact, the greatest environmental challenge to governments and the public. It is also easy to monitor the concentration of such substances in the atmosphere.
Oil slicks cover 13% of the world's sea surface. This and other maritime pollution, plus the melting of permafrost and the polar ice caps have far worse implications for the global climate than industry. The Arctic is known as the "Weather Kitchen." Its cyclones make the cold season in the northern hemisphere. I think northern Europe owes its warming of the last 20 years to a weakening of these arctic cyclones, which is the result of a permanent thaw in the Arctic Ocean.
According to experts at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, the arctic ice is shrinking by 5% every ten years. At this rate the North Pole will be completely ice-free by the middle of the century.
The melting of the ice cap is not only a result of fluctuations in temperature. The flow of the Gulf Stream, the ocean current that warms the coasts of western Europe, is shifting due to a preponderance of warm sewage and waste. The levels of pollution are disastrous. I saw with my own eyes garbage from the entire North Atlantic floating along the west coast of Novaya Zemlya, an Arctic archipelago washed by the Stream.
Nothing deserves closer attention from scientists and political leaders than the ocean, the Arctic and Siberia. Yet they are largely ignored. Politicians and experts win Nobel prizes with impassioned calls to fight global warming and shift national economies to sustainable development. To be honest, promises of a radiant noospheric future sound baffling to me, for there are no objective criteria to the noosphere [the third stage of environmental development after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (organic life)]. It cannot be measured, weighed or otherwise evaluated, and there is no way to establish its borders in time and space. But please don't think I shrug off the doctrine of the noosphere. On the contrary, I have the utmost respect for it, just as for those who stood at its cradle-brilliant Russian scientists Vladimir Vernadsky and Nikita Moiseyev.
There is a serious flaw in the Kyoto Protocol. Economic progress or none, Russia will become a huge carbon dioxide producer if climate change continues, mainly due to its position in the Eurasian heartland, which will see the most severe warming on the planet-far greater than in coastal areas. Siberia, the world's largest area of permafrost, will thaw, and with it vast deposits of peat and other carbonized vegetable tissues. Siberian peat bogs will emit tremendous amounts of previously trapped carbon dioxide.
The permafrost will thaw not only on the surface, but deep down, where huge amounts of carbon-rich gas hydrates lie hidden as ice crystals. These will pass straight from solid to gas, surging to the surface to saturate the air with methane and carbon dioxide. As the earth warms up, Siberian forest fires will also be much more frequent, releasing yet more carbon dioxide. In such a vast, unpopulated area, with no roads to speak of, effective fire fighting is impossible.
Western Europe has no such natural emitters of carbon dioxide, so the Kyoto Protocol will bring it tremendous gains even if the entirety of Russian industry comes to a standstill.
Professor Nikolai Tkachenko estimates that over the past 100 years man has been responsible for the loss of at least 1013 tons of atmospheric oxygen-mainly through heating and corrosion. In that time the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere has fallen by 1%, to around 20% - worryingly close to the healthy minimum of 18%. Stifling air exacerbates disease and damages general health.
But here the geography that could be Russia's curse is also its blessing. Russia possesses precious oxygen-producing environmental systems-forests and permafrost marshland, where decay is extremely slow. They are the world's principal sources of oxygen; so Russian air is the richest in oxygen.
Humanity is focusing environmental efforts on the bogeyman of global warming. Why not shift the emphasis to protecting the oxygen-producing environment? My country, with its unique conditions, can make an honorable contribution.
Sergei Golubchikov, an environmental expert, is vice president of Russia's National Geocryological Foundation.


Hi guys, some NRI chap has written to us claiming he has been duped into buying land in Goa. The chap claims that the Goan guy who made the deal cheated him of a chunk of money. Any of our investigative chappies wanna do this story? Drop in a line at we'll put you onto this guy...